Orthocomfoot® Brand Story:

We have dedicated in providing the highest quality shoes, insoles and the most personalized purchase experience for many years.In order to develop a variety of fashion shoes, I have been walking in different places. Due to the long-time walking, sometimes there are burning pain in the heel or arch of my foot, which made me unable to walk long during work.
So I went to see podiatrist, I was pleasantly surprised that I have plantar fasciitis-a condition that develops when the plantar fascia — the thick band of tissue that covers the bones on the bottom of the foot — becomes inflamed or strained.and I was told that i can improve the foot pain by choosing a pair of shoes with arch support.
Arch support shoes? Why not? We are shoes designers, we can do that. Maybe I am not the only one who has this problem.
Then Here comes my brand-Orthocomfoot.It means we will provide ultimate comfortable orthotic shoes and insoles to improve overall wellness.